Indiana Landmarks Names 2017 Award Winners

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Landmarks presented the annual Servaas Memorial Awards for achievement in historic preservation and the Williamson Prize for outstanding individual leadership in historic preservation on Sept. 10 at the organization’s annual meeting in Indianapolis.
For 40 years, preservation and community revitalization have driven Sallie Rowland, the winner of the 2017 Williamson Prize. As head of Rowland Design, an architecture and interior design firm in Indianapolis from which she is now retired, Rowland directed high-profile restoration projects across the state.
As a volunteer, she led the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission beginning in the late 1970s, a turbulent period when local designation of historic districts caused such high emotion that public hearings required security. “She relied on fairness and calm rationality to steer the commission’s designation of landmarks and historic districts, including Circle Theatre, Union Station, Chatham-Arch, Fletcher Place, Wholesale District, and the Old Northside,” noted Indiana Landmarks President Marsh Davis, who presented the award.
“Back then, people wanted to tear down historic buildings in favor of new buildings or even just surface parking lots. Folks who favored preservation were viewed as obstructionists and anti-progress. Now people see the value in saving and repurposing historic places,” Rowland noted.
The Williamson Prize includes a $1000 cash award and the Williamson Prize sculpture by Evansville artist John McNaughton. The award is named in honor of Reid Williamson, president of Indiana Landmarks from 1973 to 2005.
At the same event, Shepard presented a Servaas Memorial Award in the nonprofit organization category to Hamilton County Area Neighborhood Development (HAND), along with $2,000. HAND has restored three historic buildings to provide low-income apartments and revived a blighted area in downtown Noblesville.
Fountain County Landmarks received the Servaas Award in the youth-serving category.