World War I 100 Years Ago: Sept. 1-7

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, September 5: Indianapolis sent the vanguard of its quota of conscripts to the national army’s Camp Taylor at Louisville, KY today. The twenty-six Hoosier sons, drawn from the Fourth, Seventh, and Eighth Districts, were mobilized last night and lodged in a downtown hotel prior to their departure. Joy and sadness were intermingled at Union Station this morning as the group comprising the first five percent boarded the Pennsylvania Railroad train and began their journey at 11:30 a. m. that is expected to ultimately lead to the trenches in France. The men took only necessities – soap, shaving accessories, comb, tooth brush, tooth powder, towels, underclothing and socks. Upon arrival in camp, they will be issued regulation uniforms and clothing. Eighty additional men from other city districts will depart for Camp Taylor over the next three days.