World War I 100 Years Ago: Aug.1-17

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, August 14: The First Indiana Field Artillery, already mobilized at Ft. Harrison and commanded by Col. Robert H. Tyndall, will soon see active service in France. The War Department has ordered the Hoosier unit’s 1,300 men and 45 officers to be attached to the new 42nd Division and re-designated as the 150th field artillery. The new division is composed of 20,000 crack national guard troops from a dozen different states and will be called the Rainbow Division. Col. Tyndall commented, “We all deeply feel the compliment which has been paid to our organization by being selected as a part of the first National Guard division to go to France. I am indeed proud of the organization we have and you may bank on it giving a good account of itself when the chance comes.”