100 Years Ago: Aug. 11-17

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, August 11: The new Indianapolis public library building, northeast corner of Meridian and St. Clair Streets, will formally open next month. Patrons ascending the south steps of the new library will come to the main entrance and pass through the wrought iron Riley gates into a spacious entryway and beyond the great doorway leading into the open shelf and delivery room — a magnificent chamber decorated and finished in Indiana white oak and Bedford stone. To the right and left are great marble staircases leading to the encircling galleries. The rooms are illuminated by indirect lighting — no glare, no harsh, eye straining lights. The “stacks” can accommodate the 200,000 volumes from the old library and there is space available for 100,000 additional volumes. By design, whenever needed more room is available by merely lifting the roof.