World War I 100 Years Ago: July 21-27

From The Indianapolis Star, Saturday, July 21: The last fated number of the great selective draft lottery was drawn this morning in Washington at 1:18 a.m. Indianapolis time. The national conscript army will consist of 687,000 men, with Indiana’s share being 17,510 men. For those whose numbers were drawn, there is nothing to do but await district draft board instructions. Local registrants sharing the first number drawn are: Curtis Taylor, Alva Lincoln Hard, Sidney Wilson Lloyd, Coderus Brooks, Leonard B. Thiel, Claude Guelat, Charles E. Vincent, Christ Hinias, Henry Alban Eggert, Virgil Henry Fox, and Virgil Chastain. All registrants subject to report for physical examinations are listed in the Star by registration district in the order in which their numbers were drawn. Double the allotment will be made in order to allow for an estimated 50 per cent exemptions.