World War I: 100 Years Ago: July 14-20

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, July 18: Indiana has taken the lead again in rallying to support America’s effort to win the war by launching a state-wide movement to organize women for food conservation. Yesterday, Harry E. Barnard, acting Indiana food commissioner, met with members of the Indiana League for Woman’s Service to begin plans to have 10,000 women canvas the state on August 15 to urge each Hoosier woman to sign a card pledging herself to food conservation “in the conduct of [her] household, in so far as [her] circumstances permit.” The cards will be sent to Herbert Hoover, national food administrator, in Washington, DC. The plan is to have the women of the United States stand united with the agency directing the food resources of the country, admittedly one of the determining factors in winning the World War.