100 Years Ago This Week: July 7-13

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, July 11: Juvenile Court Judge Frank J. Lahr, who lectured Charles Shank yesterday for showing objectionable pictures at his Riverside Park amusement place, used the occasion to issue a warning to all who wish to exhibit immoral pictures that the practice will no longer be tolerated. Judge Lahr asserted that he would not hesitate to invoke the full power of the law where it was shown proprietors who persists in exhibiting immoral pictures were corrupting the morals of youths. Complaints from the Board of Children’s Guardians, the Children’s Aid Society, and the Indianapolis Church Federation alleged that Shank’s place where penny slot machines showing grossly suggestive pictures of women in poses, such as The Dressing of the Bride, were patronized by children attracted to the place by music and bright lights.