German Church At Risk of Being Demolished Unless Cash Raised

CUMBERLAND — The 100-year-old church at the corner of German Church Road and Washington Street is once again in jeopardy of being demolished. Federal housing tax credits that are required to redevelop the property as senior housing have been delayed by the federal budget process, and the congregation has requested $75,000 by May 4 to pay for upkeep.
If the money doesn’t come, the church says the building will come down on June 1.
So the town is partnering with Indiana Landmarks to raise money through tax-deductible contributions. So far, Indiana Landmarks has pledged $25,000, and private donors committed another $12,000.
“We’ve raised about half of what we need while we wait for the tax credits,” said Cumberland Town Manager April D. Fisher. “It’s exciting to think that when the project is complete it will also serve as a sign of how our town came together to help make something great happen.”
Indianapolis-based TWG Development LLC has agreed to buy the building, contingent upon the awarding of affordable-housing tax credits. TWG has a strong track record for redeveloping historic buildings for housing. Its projects include Illinois Street Senior Apartments, Fall Creek Place and Constitution Gardens.
In 2015, when it looked likely that the church would be demolished for a 24-hour convenience store and gas station, thousands of individuals and groups mobilized to voice their support for saving the historic structure. The gas station proposal was withdrawn and TWG came forward with its proposal for reuse.
“A lot of people see the German Church as a landmark and want to see it saved,” said Marsh Davis, president of Indiana Landmarks, a private nonprofit organization that saves meaningful places. “It could take on new life and serve the community once again if enough donors sign on to help.”
To contribute to the project, visit and indicate Save German Church in the comment field.