World War I 100 Years Ago: April 14-20

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, April 17: After spirited debate, an ordinance making it unlawful for any person to say any word or show any act of disrespect toward the United States government, the President, or the army and navy in time of war passed the Indianapolis city council. The ordinance also prohibited labor strikes in public utility plants. Councilman Ed Berry, one of two councilmen opposing the ordinance, said, “There is no doubt of my patriotism for I am willing to go the limit for my country, but I do not propose to vote for something that would take away my personal rights as this ordinance will.” Mayor Bell proposed the ordinance which is designed to cover misdemeanors not covered by either state or federal laws. Violators are subject to a $500 (2016: $9,530) fine and six months imprisonment.