New Book Share For Downtown

INDIANAPOLIS  —The Public Collection’s next free book share station will be located outside The Alexander Hotel at CityWay, the expansive neighborhood, art, and living destination in downtown Indianapolis.
Expected to open this summer, the new installation, Conveyance, will be developed by PROJECTiONE, a digital design/fabrication studio in Muncie, Indiana, founded by Ball State University graduates Adam Buente and Kyle Perry.
Designed to complement the collection of art inside the hotel, Conveyance, represents the transformative nature of books and art. The structure will be a large rectangular shape that guests can step into from either side. At nearly 21 feet long, 8 feet wide, and nearly 9 feet tall, the scale of the project allows for multiple people to occupy the space. Inside, vivid three-dimensional pyramids of color ranging from magenta, cyan, and yellow will contrast its simple white frame.
The station will also feature bench seating for a place to rest while perusing the books, panels at the top to allow sunlight to peek through, and interior lights that activate at night extending the use of the space throughout the evening.
The Public Collection is a public art and literacy project that allows passersby to borrow and return books from book share stations at their leisure and at no cost. Planning for an additional book share station is also underway. When complete, The Public Collection will have nearly a dozen book share stations throughout downtown Indianapolis, all designed by Indiana-based artists.