100 Years Ago: April 7-13

From The Indianapolis Star, Saturday, April 7: The Chamber of Commerce “Awakening Fund” campaign ended yesterday with a luncheon. The nearly two-week public canvass for money stood at $82,915 (2016: $1,580,343) with assurances that more money will be forthcoming. The “Awakening Fund” will be available for extraordinary uses of community development and bettering conditions in Indianapolis. “Awakening” was chosen as the name for the fund because of the fact that there is an awakening of spirit in the city. “Many of us believe it is important to make Indianapolis a good place in which to live. We need a clean city, free of smoke, with good streets, free of dives and having righteous surroundings in which to rear families. It is not so much how great a city is as how clean it is,” said Josiah K. Lilly.