World War I 100 Years Ago: March 31-April 6

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, April 1: Patriotism was at high tide on the Indianapolis streets last night. The sound of martial music was heard as thousands of men, women, and children thronged sidewalks and lined curbs as various parades moved through downtown toward the great patriotic rally at Tomlinson Hall. Cheers for flag and country, the display of national emblems, and the carrying of flags marked several processions which included foreign-born residents, fraternal organizations, Boy Scouts, the Lawton Guards, and Funston Reserves. Patriotic fervor was intense as four thousand men and women packed Tomlinson Hall to hear speakers declare that nothing short of aggressive war against Imperial Germany will solve the crisis, and approving applause and resounding “Ayes!” rang out as Meredith Nicholson concluded reading resolutions and proclaimed solemnly that the United States should declare war against Germany.