Mayor Launches “It’s My City” Initiative

INDIANAPOLIS — Mayor Joe Hogsett recently launched the “It’s My City” initiative. Led by the City of Indianapolis, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and Eli Lilly Co., this three-year campaign will aim to spark a recommitment to civic engagement in Indianapolis.
Forty years ago, Mayor Bill Hudnut challenged Indianapolis residents to “put litter in its place” with the “Hudnut Hook.” This short public service announcement encouraged everyone to do their part to clean up our city and laid the foundation for today’s civic beautification efforts.
Today, Mayor Hogsett debuted the “Hogsett Hook” — a 21st century spin on the iconic ad that pays tribute to the transformational legacy of Mayor Hudnut and reignites the call for Indianapolis residents to participate in shaping a cleaner, greener future. You can view the “Hogsett Hook” online at
“The ‘Hudnut Hook’ has come to represent so many of the things that make Indianapolis special — none more important than its spirit,” said Mayor Hogsett. “Forty years after the ad first aired, it is with this same energy — with this same vibrant, collaborative attitude — that we launch “It’s My City,” the three-year campaign designed to remind us that if we all do a little, we can change a lot.”
In addition to the civic pride he inspired, four-term Mayor Bill Hudnut’s leadership led to the founding of the Clean City Committee, which has since transformed into the nonprofit Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB), one of the leading partners of the It’s My City Coalition.
“Mayor Hudnut’s authentic joy in service, his larger than life presence, and his innate understanding that beauty and environmental quality were essential to quality of life put Keep Indianapolis Beautiful on a path toward success,” KIB President Dave Forsell stated. “We are honored to partner with the City of Indianapolis and the many community partners of the It’s My City Coalition to both celebrate the legacy of our founder and inspire current Indianapolis residents to engage in action to care for our city.”
The “It’s My City” campaign will have a new focus each year, designed to progressively improve the city and jumpstart further neighborhood engagement.
• 2017 will be the year of clean, focusing on neighborhood clean-ups and an anti-littering campaign.
• 2018 will be the year of green — once streets, public spaces and neighborhoods are clean, opportunities for greenspaces will become abundant and accessible. In 2018, businesses, community partners and residents will be encouraged to expand and invest in greenspaces and native plants, building healthy local ecosystems and a vibrant community.
• 2019 will be the year of beautiful for “It’s My City,” with a focus on placemaking and creative investment through art and nature. Where there were once piles of litter covering greenspaces and streets, there will now be blank canvases for creativity and recreation.
The three-year campaign will be targeted at business owners, individuals and neighborhoods, and schools — providing education, access to resources and simple, actionable steps that each entity can take to improve the city. Examples include a business selecting a project for their employees for Indy Do Day, a resident signing up for the Great Indy Cleanup and a school adopting their block.
Over the course of three years, the “It’s My City” Coalition aims to inspire more than picking up litter and planting trees – it hopes to inspire a recommitment to what it means to be a good citizen of Indianapolis.
To learn how you can get involved, visit