100 Years Ago This Week: March 10-16

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, March 15: A benefit performance by entertainers appearing this week at the various Indianapolis theaters will be held at the English Theater tomorrow afternoon for the Newcastle (Indiana) Relief Fund. All seats will be $1 (2016: $19). Donations to the Indianapolis branch of the Red Cross to ease the Newcastle tornado victims has climbed to $11,073.94 (2016: $211,067). In an expression of widespread sympathy, thousands of persons and businesses across the state have opened their purses for the benefit of the people of Newcastle. Sunday’s tornado killed at least 25 persons, and injured 200. The number of houses demolished by the twister is more than 100 and at least another 150 are badly damaged. Fully 1,000 persons are homeless, and the sufferers in the wrecked district are facing an epidemic of measles.