A Gathering In Hope by Philip Gulley

Silly me, I thought Philip Gulley’s new book, A Gathering In Hope, would concern the parishioners gathering in the new and improved Meeting House financed by the generous bequest to the church detailed in the previous book of the series. That would, however, be too simple and prosaic for Sam Gardner’s congregation. The gathering in the title refers to endangered bats nesting in the meeting house’s attic and an adjacent tree. Discovered by a government agent inspecting the site for a building permit, the bat colony wreaks havoc. The tree must be preserved and the congregation must meet elsewhere for a period.
You can imagine, or maybe you can’t, the enormity of the hassles Sam encounters in trying to move the meeting and informing the parishioners. Then there are the other little issues of life. For example, Sam’s mother decides to become more active, buys a bicycle and has a stupendous wreck riding it home from the store. Sam becomes drunk with interesting results. And, there’s a danger he’ll be arrested.
Gulley writes this book with his characteristic appreciation of humanity with all its glories and foibles. He describes the variety of people in any organization to a “T”. Every reader will recognize people they know and maybe themselves. Once again he succeeds at providing a wonderful story for readers to relish.
Meet Phil Gulley on Tues., Nov. 15 at 6:30 at the Irvington Library, 5625 E. Washington. His talks are always fun and inspirational. Bookmamas will provide books for sale.