Christmas Card Tradition

I don’t get as many Christmas cards as I use to but the ones I get I cherish. The young people seem to be trending toward photos of the family. I’ve seen cards at my daughter’s with really elaborate family photos that had to cost a fortune.
I started a tradition about 25 years ago of making my own cards. Being an artist and doing computer work all day, I missed getting to be creative and using my hands. So this is one time a year at least that I get to draw something with a pencil. I use pencils for everyday writing – I only use a pen to write checks.
My first hand-drawn card was of my son and our cat Fantasia. He was probably about five years old. For the next 15 years I usually did a drawing of one of our cats and we’ve had a lot of cats.
When my niece had her first two children I decided to draw them and they were so cute I added angel wings — well that started it, angels from that time on. I’ve drawn several adorable great-nieces and even my daughter when she was a child.
Since my grand-daughter was born four years ago, she has become my subject and I love drawing her. It’s hard to find a photo with just the right pose ­— this year I caught a shot of her with her Halloween Ladybug outfit over her pajamas holding a parasol.
I also do a family newsletter (I know many of you hate those newsletters) which saves a lot of letter writing to all the family and friends. Since I seldom do Facebook, this is my way of communicating. I try not to make it too boring with lots of pictures, and everyone expects it now so I couldn’t stop doing it if I wanted to.
I miss getting letters from people because you know those e-mails are fleeting.
I’m actually getting the cards out earlier this year, which is shocking most of my family and friends.
Have a Wonderful Holiday!