Entrepreneurial Spirit Runs High at Irvington Community Middle School

IRVINGTON — Eighth grade students at ICMS have wasted no time to ensure that their 2014 Washington DC trip is getting funded for all 45 students to attend. A mid-September kick-off by Director of Operations, Michael McFadden, spawned a large committee of students and their parents to work together to create relevant community events that would allow everyone in the ICS, Inc. family and the community to participate!
“I have always been impressed by the unity of this class as well as a healthy competition with one another. This trip has brought our students and now their families closer together to work for a common goal,”  said David Nidiffer, CEO
The committee generated and accepted a myriad of fundraisers to span from now until April 2014. They are:
• Breakfast with Santa – Dec. 7 at
Irvington Preparatory Academy
• Parents Nights Out –  Dec. 6, 13
& 14
• Trash Bags from Frontier – sales
through April 1
• Gold Authority Surrendering Gold
& other metals – through April 1
• Celebrate Our Community Day  –
March 8 at Irvington Preparatory
• Carwash – April 5
• GoFundMe Campaigns – Ongoing
with individual students
• Clear Your Clutter for a Cause Sale
– April 12 at Irvington Preparatory
• ICMS Middle School Dances -
• Market Day – Ongoing
For more information contact 8thgradefundraisers@ics-charter.org or 317-357-3850 Ext. 1031.