UIndy Professor to Discuss Student Humanitarian Work in Southern Texas

INDIANAPOLIS — University of Indianapolis forensic anthropologist Krista Latham will discuss her volunteer work along the U.S.-Mexico border in a special presentation Oct. 1 at the university. “Beyond Borders: Forensic Science and the Journey Home” is UIndy’s annual Provost’s Lecture. The event will begin at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 1, in the university’s Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center, 1400 E. Hanna Ave. Admission is free.
Latham and four graduate students traveled to southern Texas earlier this year to exhume and begin the process of identifying the remains of undocumented migrants from Latin America and Asia. Migrant deaths in rural areas — often involving women and children who succumb to thirst and exposure after being smuggled across the border — are an increasing problem for local authorities and a source of heartbreak and uncertainty for loved ones in their home countries.
The volunteer recovery effort, conducted in collaboration with Baylor and Texas State universities, has drawn international media attention. Latham, an assistant professor in UIndy’s departments of anthropology and biology, plans to increase her involvement in future years, building an ongoing program of hands-on scientific and service experience for UIndy students.
She and Professor Stephen Nawrocki provide services to police, coroners and other public agencies around the Midwest through UIndy’s Archeology & Forensics Laboratory.