Peanuts in a Coke?

I know this may sound weird to you, but I didn’t realize that a lot of people never heard of this combo. Back in college in the late 60s, I was working in a photoengraving shop part-time and they had a Coke machine in the entry way. You know the kind that looks like a big ice chest and the small bottles were only a dime? (I liked looking at the bottom of the bottles to see what state they had been bottled in.) Right next to the Coke machine was a peanut dispenser and for a nickel you got a whole handful of peanuts. The trick is to drink a couple swigs out of the bottle and then add the salted peanuts and drink up. What a great combination — sweet and salty, crunchy and delicious. You needed to finish quickly before the peanuts got too soggy. The Coke has to be in a bottle, because you just can’t get the peanuts to float right in a can.
Googling this combo gave me theories to it’s origin. Apparently as far back as the 20’s farmers in the south, who didn’t have time to stop for lunch, would drink this combo while riding the tractor —makes sense.  Anyway try it, it’s great!