IRT’s Finding Home Slated for Broadcast on WFYI in December

INDIANAPOLIS — For the first time in the Indiana Repertory Theatre’s (IRT) 46-year history, patrons will soon be able to enjoy a production while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Special project funding from Lilly Endowment Inc. promises that Finding Home: Indiana at 200 will be broadcast by the end of the year.
Finding Home, one of IRT’s most ambitious artistic endeavors, was a two-part production produced on IRT’s Upperstage in the fall of 2016. It featured 60 mini-plays written by 29 Indiana writers and celebrated Indiana’s Bicentennial. Both productions were woven together by original music created by singer-songwriter Tim Grimm and his family band.
Lilly Endowment‘s funding, along with WFYI’s video production team, will make IRT’s Indiana “love song” accessible beyond the stage. The broadcast, which is set to air in December of 2017, will be available to Central Indiana viewers and additional Indiana markets with a WFYI affiliation.
The production explores diverse subjects that include Madame C.J. Walker, Ryan White, Native American history, Indianapolis sports and Kurt Vonnegut. Finding Home shares both the jubilant and challenging stories of Indiana’s history, and this unique partnership will preserve the bicentennial project for generations to come.