World War I 100 Years Ago This Week: May 19-25

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, May 23: Uncle Sam’s Liberty Loan War Bonds are available for sale at offices opened today on the ground floor of the Lemcke Building, 114 E. Market St. “Liberty Loan is money for freedom,” and it is expected Indianapolis subscriptions will not be less than $7,000,000 (2016: $133,418,561). The Liberty Loan offices will be open each business day and evening to give everyone an opportunity to get information about the war bond program. Over the next three weeks, an intensive subscription campaign will be promoted for the first American bond issue of the Great War with posters conspicuously placed in public areas and work spaces. Speakers will be available to address audiences on the Liberty Loan. “I Have Bought A Liberty Bond” button will be given to each buyer to proudly display.