Downtown Indy Inc. purchases bicycles for IMPD Flex Team/Homeless Unit

INDIANAPOLIS — Downtown Indy Inc. has a great partnership with IMPD Downtown District and wanted a way to assist with homeless incidents and to be part of homeless solutions to the downtown area. Now the organization is providing “specialized” bikes for each member of the Flex team. The bikes were presented March 14.
The Flex team is a unique group of highly trained individuals with a primary focus on the needs of the homeless and the concerns of the community throughout Marion County.
The bikes will allow the team to access areas that were difficult to enter and allow them to be able to continue to assist the homeless located in camps along the river and wooded areas throughout the city.
Each member of the Flex team is an Emergency Medical Technician and is trained on signs and conditions to look for. Supplies are carried by the team to assist with first aid. Last year, the team was able to use their skills and equipment to save lives within the homeless community by providing medical assistance on the scene, even in difficult to maneuver locations.