Church Seeks Help For IMPD

INDIANAPOLIS – For the past 5 years, The Father’s House, a multi-cultural, non-denominational Christian Church on Indy’s southeast side, have hosted Annual IMPD Roll Call. Several hundred IMPD Police Officers from multiple districts hold their Roll Call at the church, where they are treated to a full meal and a very special gift before they hold their Roll Call and head back out into the streets of Indianapolis.
This year, the church is asking for community support, due to the unique nature of the gift they will present each officer this year. They are purchasing Gunshot Wound Trauma Kits that will allow officers to immediately stop bleeding, should they, their partner, or a victim be seriously wounded in a situation where EMTs can’t get to them.
According to Dr. Christopher T. Holland, Pastor at The Father’s House, “These kits are lifesaving equipment. From routine traffic stops turning into surprise shoot-outs, to large-scale attacks like what happened recently in Boston, violent crime is something that law enforcement must confront daily, and we want to help our IMPD officers be better prepared — to help themselves, each other, and to help us as citizens.”
The Gunshot Wound Trauma Kits cost approximately $100 each, and the church plans on equipping 200 officers with the kits. Says Holland, “We will need to have our community join together to generate the funds to make this happen. It’s something that affects us all.”
Donations can be made online at, or can be mailed to The Father’s House, 1600 S. Franklin Road, Indianapolis, IN 46239. All donations should specify “IMPD ROLL CALL”.